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Timeless Domain was established in 2008 to bring the power of open source software to local businesses in order to make them more efficient & self-sufficient.

Timeless Domain specializes in information systems and business trends. We are based out of Rochester, NY and serve customers worldwide. Our years of constant research has led to a very powerful package of open source coding that we regularly deploy for large and small businesses and hobbyists. Check out our industry-specific digital product packages (below) for some examples. If you want to make your business more efficient, profitable and marketable in the quickest and easiest manner, then purchase one of these packages. *NOTE: We do our best to protect clients market share by ensuring that we won't deploy our system for any competing businesses within a 25 mile range of your location. Long-term - Ideas and features will be compiled by us and shared with related non-competing businesses. Clients who help improve our network of mutually beneficial businesses will surely be rewarded. The full power of the web brought to your business, without any legal restrictions on ownership or future modifications, designed for you personally by Timeless Domain. Their aren't many competitors that offer this amount of value, as we believe in empowering people and businesses to help change the world for the better.