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Timeless Domain specializes in information systems and business trends. We are based out of Rochester, NY and serve customers worldwide. Our years of constant research has led to a very powerful package of open source coding that we regularly deploy for large and small businesses and hobbyists. Check out our industry-specific digital product packages (below) for some examples. If you want to make your business more efficient, profitable and marketable in the quickest and easiest manner, then purchase one of these packages. *NOTE: We do our best to protect clients market share by ensuring that we won't deploy our system for any competing businesses within a 25 mile range of your location. Long-term - Ideas and features will be compiled by us and shared with related non-competing businesses. Clients who help improve our network of mutually beneficial businesses will surely be rewarded. The full power of the web brought to your business, without any legal restrictions on ownership or future modifications, designed for you personally by Timeless Domain. Their aren't many competitors that offer this amount of value, as we believe in empowering people and businesses to help change the world for the better.

      1. Business Overview Website:
        Basic marketing, search engine optimization and social media integration. Branded to reach local customers to come to your physical storefront.
      2. Appointment Online Store:
        Online Store Selling Full-Day Events (Conferences, Hotels) & Part-Day Events (Chiropractors, Dentists, Massage Therapists, Psychiatrists)
    1. Websites - Custom Coded:
      If your business isn't covered by one of our Industry Distributions, then we would be glad to custom code you one. HTML, flash or a CMS (PHP/MYSQL) can be done in-house, otherwise we can help you find skilled freelancers for nearly all types of programming. We primarily use open source software, but are adaptable.
    2. Support, Maintenance and Upgrade Plans:
      We prefer to make you a self-sufficient entity , but some people just don't have the time to complete the desired tasks that are required throughout the day to attain the most in life. We can step in at this point. While we would prefer to specialize in making you self-sufficient we can take control of everything. Adapting to your every need in real-time. No matter the problem or frustration, we are here to solve it! Your time may be more valuable than ours due to the structure of society, so we acknowledge this and therefore we esteemingly offer you the chance to pass on your every need onto our highly skilled workforce.
      1. Support Plans:
        Don't have time to learn the basics? We can work closely with you on a consistent basis in order to keep your website up-to-date. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient, but we will help all types of customers as needed.
      2. Web Hosting:
        Our managed hosting service will ensure that your website & email are up when they need to be. Ideally customers should have their own server (dedicated or shared), but we offer hosting plans to ensure that work produced stays online. *We will only host websites built or modified by us.
  1. Outsourcing Services:
    Our partners in related industries will take care of any additional services that you may need to properly prepare your business model and marketing plan before you launch your website. Timeless Domain specializes in getting your business online in the most effective manner, but it will be up to you to make sure that your marketing materials match your business goals. Contact our partners for help today!
    1. BitSugar:
      Bitcoin is the future of borderless unregulated currency. Luckily the majority of society (mainstream media from various countries) are supporting it (possibly due to an inability to stop it), and due to its limited # and deflationary nature it has the potential to grow exponentially in value at some point in the near future. Now or never. Due to these factors and the out of control printing fest called the federal reserve (some members believe inflationary economics works), we have decided to focus upon currencies that could substitute for the USD in day to day transactions. Bitcoin has the ability to be transmitted digitally at a much lower transaction cost so we have logically focused upon using it for our payment processing systems long-term. Recently we launched BitSugar. BitSugar is a tasty treat for those who are interested. We specialize in aggregating valuable bitcoin data. We have am incubator that is determined to keep on the cutting edge of developments in order to ensure that we are at the activation synthesis that triggers bitcoin to explode throughout society. The time is coming and BitSugar will be at the forefront.,,
    2. Infinite Intensity:
      Getting the most out of life.
    3. Timeless Drupal:
      Drupal information aggregator with a little Timeless touch..

Fund Our Non-Profit Projects

At Timeless Domain our goal is to help the world through empowering clients with powerful automated open source software to help make maintaining a respectable online identity as easy and enjoyable as possible. Empowering clients is a result of the skills that have been developed around plans to help the world through various non-profit organizations and intellectual movements. By helping to fund these projects you will make it easier for us to launch them quicker. We are always looking to grow stronger collaboration networks so if you have any ideas or want to take a leadership role in any of these projects - please contact us. Contributions will be appreciated. Thanks!